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Owner and Professional Pet Stylist

Bubble Paw is the outcome of hard work and dedication to the health and wellness of all pets. Riley, the President and Founder of Bubble Paws, has always had a passion and adoration for animals and has spent her life around them. 

She has been in the grooming industry since 2012 and continues to learn and expand her education to better service pets, to this day! She prides herself on her patience, kindness and competence. No job is too big or too small for her to handle.

Her focus and ultimate goal is to provide caring services to better improve every pets health and quality of life through grooming. She understands that grooming can greatly affect a pet. It is not only to keep them smelling and looking great, but to also make each pet comfortable and in good health. She promises each client that she will always consider the pets health and safety first before anything else.

Below you can find some of Riley's qualifications and achievements!

Team and Qualifications: Team Members


Professional Experience, Certifications  and Volunteer Work in the Community

Sometimes just talking about my adoration for animals is not enough to understand the weight and level of my experience. Therefore, I’ve outlined some of my professional background for you to explore below.


Safe Handling is so important to understand because it is the foundation to prevent accidents from happening. This certification educates groomers techniques to handle difficult pets and warns against potential incidents before they happen.


Accidents happen in the grooming industry and some pets have preexisting conditions that do not arise until they are in the care of others. This certification gives the knowledge of first aid when accidents happen, and life saving measures when a pet is in need.


The skin is the largest organ on the body of pets and humans alike. Knowing how to address a skin problem when they arise is important for a groomers line of work, since our focused work is mainly on the coat. This certification is the introduction to the hair cycle of a pet and how to treat a potential skin condition.


2010 - Current
Animal shelters need as much help as they can get! Whether that be donations of pet food, toys or other items. Although, time spent with pets at the shelters will help them better adapt to people and their environment, even if it's just to fill their water dish, every little bit helps!
While I volunteered, I helped out by cleaning kennels, walking dogs outside, spent time socializing the animals, and organizing inventory.


June 2012 - March 2015
Working in a corporate environment means quality training, which was helpful when I was learning to professionally groom. At PetSmart I learned the basics of grooming, including proper nail trims and bathing techniques while starting as a bather. When I decided to become a groomer, PetSmart required me to complete a month long course of education and complete 100 haircuts in order to become professionally certified. Upon completing my certification, I continued to learn techniques through the help of other experienced groomers and soon became the highest averaging groomer in the salon by showing extensive customer service to all my clients.


March 2015 - September 2019

Working in the animal hospital environment, you see and experience a lot. I was able to expend my education and experience while working here by taking on disabled pets (ex. paralysis, senior pets), medically diagnosed pets (ex. diabetes, heart conditions) and some of the most aggressive pets in the area. My knowledge greatly increased by working here and has inspired me to be the best groomer I can be for all the pets in need and to assist pets which other salons might not have the experience or knowledge to take care of.

If you have any questions about our qualifications and experience, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Team and Qualifications: Resume
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